Cristiane Galvao


Dr. Cristiane Galvao is an information/communication scientist and Professor of the Department of Social Medicine, Faculty of Medicine of Ribeirao Preto, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil. Doctor in Information Science, and Masters in Communication Sciences, she has expertise in specialized languages, terminology, scientific and technical texts, information and knowledge organization and representation.  Her last publication was the book "Prontuário do Paciente" (Health Records)  that includes informational, technological, ethical, legal, scientific, and educational aspects regarding production and use of health records in the Brazilian context.


Contact information

Prof.Dr. Maria Cristiane Barbosa Galvao
University of Sao Paulo - Brazil    

Faculty of Medicine at Ribeirao Preto
Social Medicine Department    




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Blog Glocalties: linking technology, information and health


Book Prontuário do Paciente (Health Records)

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Texts in Portuguese regarding health information for general population